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NE555 Adjustable Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency Square Wave Signal Generator Module

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NE555 pulse frequency duty cycle module capable of generating a square wave signal used for experimental development. The module can be used to drive a stepper motor for generating a square wave drive signal and as an adjustable pulse for microcontrollers and to control other circuitry.
The module features an NE555 timer configured in four frequency ranges: 1Hz to 50Hz, 50Hz to 1kHz, 1kHz to 10kHz, 10kHz to 200kHz. All the configurations are adjustable with the onboard jumpers and two potentiometers to adjust the frequency and duty cycle.
The input voltage to the module (VCC) is variable from 5-15VDC and draws approximately 15mA at 5V and 35mA at 12VDC. With an output amplitude of 4.2V peak-to-peak to 11.4V peak-to-peak based on the supply voltage.
An LED illuminates on a low-level output and flashes relative to the output frequency. At higher frequencies, the LED will appear to be on solid and without a visible flash.

  • Chip: NE555
  • Input voltage: 5V-15VDC
  • Supply output current: 5V 15mA, 12V 35mA
  • Input current: >=100mA
  • Output amplitude:. 4.2V V-PP to 11.4V V-PP (varies depending on VCC voltage)
  • Maximum output current: >=15MA (5V supply, V-PP is greater than 50%), >=35MA (12V power supply, V-PP is greater than 50%)
  • Output LED indicator (low level LED is on, high level LED is off, LED flashes with frequency
  • Output frequency is adjustable using the onboard jumpers and potentiometers. Jumper settings are: 1Hz ~ 50Hz, 50Hz ~ 1kHz, 1KHz ~ 10kHz, 10kHz ~ 200kHz
  • Dimensions: 31 x 22mm
  • Specification
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