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Kitronik Round USB White LED Lamp

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The Round USB White LED Lamp features 5 LEDs and is designed for low power lighting, such as desk lamps or torch lights. Its discreet size and circular layout make it a great choice for creative lighting enclosures.
The board is designed such that it is within the supply rating of a computer USB port (under 100mA). This means you can power it conveniently from a computer/laptop or a suitable 5V power supply.
The PCB is designed to fit inside a 28mm square area with the switch positioned prominently so it is easy to access. In the centre of the board is a single M3 mounting hole. The 5 LEDs are evenly set on a 72°degree separation from each other, from the centre mounting hole.
The onboard switch can be used to turn on/off the LEDs. An additional switch can be connected in parallel with the PCB switch to allow remote mounting within an enclosure. When using a remote switch the PCB mounted switch should be left switched to ‘Off.

  • This is a low power (under 100mA) round LED lamp that can be used in enclosure designs.
  • The 5 LEDs are evenly set on a 72°degree separation from each other, from the centre mounting hole.
  • There is an onboard on/off switch.
  • It also features pads for connecting an additional optional switch that can be mounted on your enclosure.
  • If using an additional switch, the onboard switch is disabled by leaving it in the off position.
  • It features a single M3 (3.3mm) mounting hole at its centre.
  • It features a micro USB power connector and can be powered by a computer or a suitable 5V power supply.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 4mm (diameter x height)
  • Requires USB lead and power supply
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