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Save up to 55% time with IDEC push-in terminals

Save up to 55% time with IDEC push-in terminals

Technology has move on allot since the introduction of screw terminals many decades ago. That's why we have partnered with IDEC to highlight the benefits of using push-in terminals with your industrial equipment. 


Three main features of Push-in terminals

Save up to 55% in wiring time! Push-in insertion of wires can dramatically reduce wiring time compared to traditional screw type terminals. This allows you to work more efficiently and productively. 

Space saving! Push-in terminals feature a shorter width and pitch meaning the control panel and equipment can be downsized.

High strength and vibration resistance are a benefit of using push-in terminals. With screw terminals the connection can loosen due to vibration over time. This is not a factor with push-in terminals and there is no need to torque terminals after transportation or installation.


Comparison of screw type and push-in wiring time

The wiring time can be significantly reduced using push-in terminals. This can result in a significant time saving when installing large control panels.


Reduces length of process

Work can be performed without tools and regardless of operators' skill level.



Highly Reliable




IDEC push-in terminals feature terminal numbers that can be clearly seen on the socket preventing incorrect wiring.





Push-in terminals eliminate the need for torque maintenance such as tightening of screws. This can be a significant factor in high vibration environments and transporting equipment.

IDEC Push-in terminals use a unique structure which makes it difficult to pull out the wires. The structure increase the holding force on the wire as it is pulled. The wires can easily be released using the pusher which decreases holding force of the wire due to deformation of the spring.



IDEC Push-In Offering

IDEC offer a wide range of push-in terminal products for control panels. Contact us here for any enquiries you have on push-in terminals.

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